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Testing The Worth of Your Own Words

Why Putting Yourself in Trying Situations Is Beneficial

People that are extremely honest are always a source of inspiration.

Being able to trust each word they say and knowing you can count on them are abilities most of us look up to and strive for.

The reason why we feel so deeply for people’s honesty especially if it’s backed up by their actions is because that way, we can build a trusting relationship with them.

If one can always be truthful, blunt, and honest, one's presence, opinion and actions are always felt and appreciated.

To be this type of person, however, you must be sure of where you stand, and this happens by testing your beliefs and ideologies and proving them right.

Therefore, testing yourself is so important.

The Different Personal Qualities Taking Risks Improves

● Intelligence

By putting yourself in unfamiliar situations, you inevitably learn things both about yourself and the world.

This expands your field of vision, and because it’s a hands-on experience, it is much more likely for you to remember all the things you were taught in the process.

Learning from experience has proven to be the easiest way most people acquire new knowledge, and by testing your beliefs and thoughts, you are provoking such types of situations.

Not only do you discover new aspects of the world and yourself, but it is also highly likely for these actions to avalanche, leading to newer and more interesting people, places, and experiences.

● Bravery

Figuring out where you stand on different topics is crucial to building your worldview.

This can be hard if you limit yourself to doing pretty much the same thing every day.

By getting out of your comfort zone, you openly fight this way of thinking and improve your chances of having the courage to do so again.

Bravery is taught by challenging yourself and facing your fears, and the best aspect of life this can be done in, is precisely, personal development.

Learning how to push yourself to your limits to progress and by doing so, moving those limits away even further is how you enlarge not only your comfort zone but your world in general.

This is not to say that you should be reckless in any way, simply that progressing further in life implies moving forward in it and taking risks, every now and then.

● Honesty

The people closest to us are usually the ones with whom we are always honest and who do the same for us.

The people we believe in and the ones we look up to the most are also the ones that are the most honest.

This is a quality that simply does not have a negative side in the grand scheme of things, but it can be hard to keep this mindset under challenging circumstances and situations.

By learning to do so, we learn to trust ourselves more, and we teach others that they should do the same.

The senses of freedom and self-worth one has when they know they’re being completely truthful regardless of the outcome, play a big part in building our character the way we would like to.

Different Ways You Can Improve These Qualities

● Think Critical & Leave Room for Improvement

Thinking critically of your own thoughts might sound negative, but in essence, it is the exact opposite.

By figuring out every aspect of your views and ideas, you gain a full personal picture of yourself and can see why it looks the way it does and where things can be improved.

It is much easier for you to change your mind if you’re uncertain of why you think the way you do, and similar situations are often regretted later.

If you think critically, you not only avoid the negative possibility mentioned above but know exactly where you can improve and can ask for advice for that specific aspect.

Both realizing why you think this way and what you would like to change are equally important.

Both take time and honest analysis of yourself but once you’ve done that everything is much more organized and easier to understand.

● Ask yourself if you are standing up for what you know you think

This step comes after you have passed the first one.

The easiest way to keep yourself in check regarding what you believe is to simply ask yourself this question.

All of us have been in situations, which we have later regretted because we weren't completely honest, and this is the only way to avoid them.

It might be hard to really hear your own voice in the beginning but it’s always worth it in the long run.

Once you understand your thoughts and beliefs, standing up and defending them in their entirety is the next logical step.

It’s advantageous to question your words and actions, not because you doubt them but because that way, you recognize how much you believe in them and are willing to fight for them.

● Put yourself in trying situations to expand your horizons.

Once you have everything else down, expanding your world is the best thing you can do.

By pushing your limits, you find new horizons, ideas, emotions, and more.

Not only does this solidify your ideologies, but it makes room for more character-building and bigger adventures.

By breaking out of your comfort zone you allow yourself to see the world for what it is and can start doing what you love and be honest about it.

Thinking of life as something to explore and learning everything you can in the process is crucial to becoming the person you want to be, and the only way to achieve this is to expand your worldview through actions.

Overall, testing yourself is never easy.

Questioning your points of view and realizing some of them aren’t as solid as you thought they were, can be a difficult experience, but it ultimately is the best way you can progress.

Understanding your thinking and why it is that way makes it easier to act the way you want to and build yourself into who you want to be.

Keeping yourself in check about being honest is helpful because we are not perfect, and sometimes we make mistakes, but if we catch them early, it’s easier to work on and fix them.

Exploring the world by getting out of your comfort zone is what makes us progress and achieve what we strive for, thus providing us with the full experience of what life is and what it has to offer.

Although all these things are not a walk in the park, we believe they are essential in making us the people we want to be, and by doing them and making them a part of our mindset, we are one step closer to what we want to achieve in life.

Best Regards,

Coach Chad

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